We often describe ourselves as upside down to that of other truck dealers: our main focus is on aftersales support. That’s where we started and that’s what we believe really sells trucks.

What is important to our customers over the long haul is the
whole of life costs of their truck, of which the purchase price is only a small part.


Our highly trained and passionate staff work with the latest tools and training to diagnose and repair faults correctly and quickly. We spend a huge amount of money on training and tooling, and just as important make sure we are a great place to work, so top technicians want to work for us.

We have the people, the tools, the passion and commitment to get the job done and keep you on the road. State of the art computer systems, world leading best practice systems and processes, a huge investment in specialist tooling, diagnostic computers and equipment, three full length under connected drive through pits, 8 lifts, training room, a lathe, cleanroom capable of rebuilding 3 gearboxes/engines at the same time, and more specialist tools than can be listed. Most importantly we have a large team of highly trained, skilled, motivated and passionate staff, with integrity who work as a team without the interdepartmental friction many dealerships have.

We service all brands and sizes of trucks, trailers and busses. We have a huge range of parts, if we do not have it in stock we can source it. We have highly trained and motivated staff with the latest tools to allow us to diagnose and repair faults correctly and fast.

We have competitive pricing and can work out a fixed price for servicing your vehicle so you know what your bill will be.

We check thoroughly for preventative maintenance, but check with you before doing anything.

We are customer focused and would love to have your business.


You can’t get a vehicle back on the road unless you have the right parts. We have invested in a huge amount of parts.  Importantly we have also standardised our specs at a high level so we can hold much more parts coverage and major components than a dealer could normally justify. This also gives us options if major components are needed fast, as if we don’t have a part in stock we might be able to rob it off a truck.

We have worked with MAN, Western Star, Detroit, Cummins, Voith, ZF and many other suppliers to identify the parts you are most likely to need and make sure we have them on our shelf.  Our parts supply is over 2 floors, 4 rooms, plus bulk storage including engines, gearboxes, diffs…  We also consider spare parts implications when specing a truck to maximize your future uptime, and have truck stock with parts available in emergencies.  If despite all this the part you need isn’t on our shelf we are able to fill 93% of parts demand within 48 hours from parts distribution centres in Auckland and Brisbane – this is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, at over 140,000 square feet, with over $31 million in stock.

We have the latest in parts systems to allow us to accurately and quickly identify the needed parts, and use the latest top of the line Call Centre VOIP phone systems with redundancy to mobile to answer your calls fast, and track and improve our service to you.  We have high density parts storage (each draw the equivalent to a room).

We pre-pick parts to speed up repair work.  We don’t just look at historical computer stock reports, we think about what would break in an accident, what will wear out, could fail, what would keep you off the road, and look to stock it.  We stock many parts others do not due to the low parts turn, if the parts are critical and would keep you off the road.

Our parts staff are customer focused, keen to help, and fast to get answers.  If you need a part, give them a call.  If we don’t have it we will get it, and look to stock it.  If you want the part, we want to have it ready for you!  That’s our mission.

We also have a high range of accessories, merchandise and hard to find items with our onsite “bling” showroom.  Check out our online shop for a huge range of things you won’t find anywhere else.

We have the ability to fit parts and accessories.  We have a fulltime parts rep, and a large and growing passionate, knowledgeable and efficient parts call centre team.