6900XD Range

Wherever the ordinary rules of tonnage and terrain don't apply, you'll find the extreme-duty Western Star 6900 XD. Configure yours with quadruple frame rails for practically limitless load-bearing strength for your drilling rigs, oil tanks, cranes and whatever else you need to bring to the job. We can add up to 10x6 axle configuration and all-wheel drive to meet all of your distribution and traction requirements.

Rated up to 175 tons GCW, the 6900 XD can traverse the kind of off-road terrain that others can't. With the highest ground clearance around and a 141" BBC, the Western Star 6900 XD is the ultimate definition of an extreme logging truck.

Armed with a serious pedigree, the 6900 XD is fully customizable to meet your needs. With options like right-hand drive, all-wheel drive, quadruple frame rails, extra heavy-duty electrical systems and thousands more, we're flexible enough to build the truck you need to get the job done right. Western Star sets the standard for custom-built, rugged trucks for extreme duty environments.